Programs, Pricing & Music

Pricing—Standard ceremony pricing starts at: $150 per musician. A standard ceremony includes Prelude (seating music), Processional pieces for the Grandparents, Parents, Bridesmaids, and Bride, Solo/Sand Ceremony/Unity Candle music, and a Recessional. This price also includes travel and one meeting with me to select music and go over any of the particulars of your ceremony.

Piano & Violin duo—I work closely with Violinst Siena Kaplan. If you prefer a ceremony that is based around piano/violin duo music and cocktail hour/reception music that is a mix of Celtic and popular Piano/Violin repertiore, then please see our Piano & Violin Audio Samples.

Music—I develop the program with the wedding couple and review the music with you in my studio. Below is a sample Wedding Program. This can give you an idea of the type of music that you might choose for your ceremony. This is only a guideline. Please see my audio samples for solo piano music. Also - ANY piece of piano music can be performed if you have special requests.

Sample Wedding Program

I. Prelude

20 minutes of light classical background music is played while the guests are arriving. This is traditionally known as the Prelude or Wedding Seating music.

II. Processional

The Processional consists of the Parents (and Grandparents), Bridesmaids, and Bride. A piece of music is usually designated for each party. You can mix and match any of the suggestions below. Common program choices are:

A. Parents (and Grandparents)

B. Bridesmaids

C. Bride

II. Solo (optional)

A solo is a part in the ceremony where a piece is featured. Usually in between readings, or before the Unity candle/Sand ceremony. Solos are usually chosen by the couple because it is a song of significance to them. Sometimes a singer performs or another instrumentalist as well.

III. Recessional

The Recessional is when the entire Bridal party exits. One piece of music is usually played for this part of the ceremony. Common choices are:

IV. Postlude

Various pieces are played while the guests exit.

Special Events, Parties and Concert Performances

I play a mix of classical and modern music for performance or background music for cocktail hours or other special events. Pricing depends on length of time, etc.